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The SOCO District is the latest addition to downtown Fullerton.

Many people assume the idea of a Fullerton SOCO District sprung from New York City’s famed Soho district, which came from “South of Houston Street.”

The SOCO (South of Commonwealth) District is that area of businesses, eateries, and lounges line the streets of  Santa Fe Avenue, on both the east and the west side of Harbor Boulevard and south of Commonwealth.

The SOCO District is anchored by the Fullerton Transportation Center on the east and Heroes restaurant on the west, the area is the focus of plans designed to extend the city of Fullerton's successful economic revitalization

SOCO District has a wealth of dining options and offers some of the best nightlife in Orange County.

The SOCO District also offers a variety of apartments, lofts that allow you to walk to transportation, walk to downtown shops, enjoy the Fullerton nightlife and choice from dozens of dining options.

Here is the web link to the City of Fullerton Downtown Parking.

Please note there is no overnight parking in any lot or structure.



If you are looking for a place to reside in the SOCO District then might want to see if SOCO Walk has a downtown apartment available.


The SOCO Walk homes are affordable loft condos that offer tons of space in a great location.

Located "South of Commonwealth" in the historic downtown area.

The location of the is an ideal home for both locals and commuters. SOCO Walk is across from the Amtrak and Metrolink stations.

These spacious lofts are the perfect place to enjoy a convenient urban lifestyle.

The Fullerton Nook Real Estate Agency frequently has SOCO District lofts for sales and to rent.

If you are looking to reside in a Downtown Fullerton apartment then you may want to consider the Wilshire Promenade. 

The Downtown Fullerton Aspect also bring a trendy modern design into an apartment home living. The apartment homes offer numerous outdoor gatherings and a splash pool sunning area.

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