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Before you decide if you need a criminal lawyer please read, What Is A Criminal Lawyer?


A criminal defense lawyer is a type of lawyer that specializes in the defense of individuals and/ or companies charged with criminal activity.

Some criminal defense lawyers are privately retained by individuals or companies.

Whereas, other criminal lawyers are employed by various jurisdictions.

The criminal courts may appoint legal representation for indigent persons.

If the court supplies the criminal lawyer for the defendant then the criminal lawyer is called a public defender.

If you need to consult with one of the best Fullerton criminal lawyers then these Fullerton criminal attorneys may be able to assist you:

Criminal Attorney

If you need to hire a Criminal Attorney these are 9 questions that may benefit you:

1.  Criminal Attorney Costs

How much does a defense investigation cost? How much you can afford to spend on your criminal attorney is one of the most important questions you can ask.

The criminal attorney may explain the need to hire expert witnesses to testify at trial.

Is the criminal attorney going to charge you by the hour or a set rate?

2. Criminal Attorney’s Time

Ask if the criminal attorney is handling your criminal case.

A criminal attorney at a large law firm may take your criminal case and then hand off your casework to different attorneys, or paralegal.

You need to make sure that you have a good rapport with the criminal attorney handling your criminal case.

A good rapport with your lawyer will help you convey case information better.

3. Criminal Lawyer’s Court Time

Make sure your criminal lawyer has court time.

Many criminal lawyers settle most of their cases without going to court.

4. Plea Bargains

Does the criminal attorney have skill negotiating plea bargains?

It is best to hire a criminal attorney that has experience working with the prosecution.


5. Your Actions

Can the criminal attorney suggest actions that would improve the outcome of your case?

An example of actions would be taking a drug rehabilitation program, enrolling in classes that may help your case.

6. Your Obligations

Your obligation is to make sure your criminal attorney will have all the documents that will help him build your criminal case.

You need to disclose if you have outstanding warrants, criminal convictions or any other information that may help your criminal lawyer defend you.

7. Criminal Attorney Legal Strategy

What defenses does the criminal attorney believe you have available?

What does the defense lawyer believe would be your best legal strategy?

8. Due Process

Can the criminal attorney make sure that your due process has followed your constitutional rights?

The due process such as were legal charges filed correctly did the police obtain your statement properly.

9. Sentencing Alternatives

Does the criminal attorney believe that there may be different options available to you then jail time?

You need to tell the criminal attorney your long-term sentencing goals so they can provide you with the best options.